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The Arles Prime lens series draws its name from the picturesque town of Arles in southern France, a cherished source of inspiration for the artist Vincent van Gogh. Renowned for its abundant sunlight and vibrant colors throughout the seasons, Arles catalyzed van Gogh's departure from conventional artistic styles. DZOFILM's Arles Prime series, with its T1.4 fast apertures, captures the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, igniting fresh possibilities for artistic expression and cinematic creativity.
DZOFILM's Arles Prime series, with its T1.4 fast apertures, captures the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, igniting fresh possibilities for artistic expression and cinematic creativity.

High-Speed Prime for Ultimate Visual Quality

With a T1.4 ultra-wide aperture, the Arles Prime delivers abundant light intake, excelling in low-light and complex shooting conditions. It creates stunningly dreamy shallow depth of field, precisely highlighting every narrative detail.

At wide-open aperture, the lens ensures even brightness transitions and clear rendering of intricate light and shadow details. It supports high frame rate shooting without compromising image quality, producing smooth and exquisite cinematic footage.

Crafted Precision for Immaculate Clarity

Using advanced multi-layer nano-coating technology, the Arles series features a specially calibrated blue coating to minimize reflections and effectively reduce stray light and ghosting. This ensures stable and controllable flares.

The internal lens structure utilizes sandblasting and anodizing techniques to create a micro-level anti-reflective coating with ultra-low reflectivity, reducing diffuse reflections. Even when shooting directly against the light, the lenses deliver clean and sharp images.

Across the entire focal range, color temperatures remain consistent around 5000K, faithfully reproducing vivid, true-to-life colors and presenting a natural, neutral visual style.

Cinematic Depth with Painterly Rendering

The Arles Prime boasts 16 aperture blades, delivering delightful circular bokeh and ensuring smooth transitions between in-focus and out-of-focus areas. At maximum aperture, it presents a soft low-contrast look, while slight swirling bokeh on the periphery adds a distinctive characteristic to the image, enhancing the emotional depth of each frame.

The built-in floating lens elements substantially minimize aberrations during focusing transitions from infinity to close-up, improving optical performance. Its minimal breathing immerses viewers in each frame, amplifying the emotional impact of the scenes.

Exquisite Optics Superlative Performance

The Arles Primes achieve remarkable image quality through rigorous optical design, ensuring consistent high resolution while meeting the demands of high-end cinematography.

The 14mm, 21mm, and 25mm lenses each incorporate two aspherical elements (including one 50mm large-diameter aspherical element), which improves image quality in low-light conditions. With micron-level precision manufacturing, these lenses maintain a lightweight and compact form while effectively correcting spherical aberration and coma, reducing onion-ring bokeh, and minimizing wide-angle distortion and astigmatism.

The entire series uses low-dispersion optical materials to precisely suppress chromatic aberration, resulting in exceptional optical performance.

Versatile Lens Set for Boundless Creativity

With a comprehensive set of ten lenses covering ultra-wide, standard, and telephoto focal lengths, the Arles series caters to a wide range of shooting scenarios while maintaining consistent visual aesthetics.

Compatible with larger format sensors, it offers coverage for medium format cameras such as the 43.8 × 32.9mm format with focal lengths ranging from 25mm to 50mm, as well as large format cameras like the ALEXA 65 (54.12 × 25.59 mm) with focal lengths from 75mm to 180mm, satisfying the diverse needs from independent filmmaking to large-scale film production.

Robust Mechanical, Smooth Workflow

The Arles has undergone thorough testing to ensure structural integrity, and it guarantees smooth operation of the focus and aperture rings for precise focusing and accurate exposure with micron-level precision.

The dual interchangeable imperial/metric focus scale design facilitates quick switching, meeting diverse needs.

Compact Design for Seamless Integration

Designed to work seamlessly with industry-standard cine accessories, it includes a uniform front diameter of 95mm and an 86mm filter size over the whole range.With a standard 0.8 MOD gear pitch design and consistent positioning of focus and aperture rings across the series, lens and accessory swaps require no readjustment, greatly enhancing on-set efficiency. Except for the 135mm and 180mm, all lenses maintain the same body length, further simplifying equipment changes.

Their lightweight, compact design (weighing between 1.4 and 1.9 kg) allows for easy integration with gimbals, stabilizers, drones, and Steadicams, opening limitless shooting possibilities, including handheld, vehicle-mounted, shoulder-mounted, and aerial shots.
(Note: The 14mm lens is incompatible with threaded filters.)

Flexible and Inclusive for Unlimited Innovation

Equipped with interchangeable PL and EF mounts, the Arles offers wide compatibility with various cinema cameras, empowering filmmakers with unparalleled versatility. Compatible with DZOFILM KOOP rear filters, featuring magnetic installation and lightweight flexibility, allowing for purer imagery and inspiring endless creative possibilities.


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